• Pearl

    Pearl is a one year old female Pug under the care of Pug Rescue.  She came in to the Willows / Oakwood Veterinary Hospital with a three month history of severe skin disease.  There was generalised erythema, scaling and alopecia.  Excoriations were present on her face, ear pinnae an all four limbs.  She suffered from marked pruritus

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  • Ozzie

    oakwood image 3Ozzie ( a 4 year old yorkie/poodle cross) presented to us in September 2013 with a history of a progressive RH lameness characterised by a dragging appearance. The lameness was constant and Ozzie would occasionally yelp. More recently he had started to continue walking whilst urinating from time to time.

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    HerbieIMG_7326 (1024x683)

    Herbie (shown here on the left) is an 8 year old Newfoundland with Lumbosacral disease.

    Herbie presented in April 2013 with a history of several weeks deteriorating hindlimb function. He had become steadily weaker on his back legs especially his right hindlimb and had developed an ataxic or wobbly gait. He had started to sink down on his back legs when standing still and dragged his right hindlimb when walking. Examination revealed a loss of normal neurological function and pain in his caudal spine at the junction of the lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Herbie had been an active dog enjoying water rescue training and demonstrations as well as more normal activities!

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