• Herbie 8 yo Newfoundland with Lumbosacral disease.


    Herbie presented in April 2013 with a history of several weeks deteriorating hindlimb function. He had become steadily weaker on his back legs especially his right hindlimb and had developed an ataxic or wobbly gait. He had started to sink down on his back legs when standing still and dragged his right hindlimb when walking. Examination revealed a loss of normal neurological function and pain in his caudal spine at the junction of the lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Herbie had been an active dog enjoying water rescue training and demonstrations as well as more normal activities!


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    Herbie underwent magnetic resonance imaging of his lumbo-sacral region and this revealed severe degenerative change in the lumbosacral region. The primary problem being a severe protrusion of the intervertebral disc at this level leading to compression of the nerves within the spinal canal. Herbie underwent spinal surgery to remove the compressive tissue in May 2013. He recovered well from his surgery and we were delighted to get this update from Herbie’s owners in June 2014.


    “Hi Charlie


    I thought you might like to see some pics of Herbie, we were at a wedding at Lake Windermere 12months to the date from his surgery and as you can see he is doing what he loves doing most. He is back water training and loving every minute. He runs down the field most mornings too. He does get a bit stiff but considering he was 9 in January and he is not on any medication except Ranitidine he is doing well. I think we might need to consider giving him something in the not too distant future just to help him a bit. Who needs Supervet’s when we have one on our own doorstep!



    Herbie (Dog on the left)

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    Thank you so much for giving us this precious extra time with him.


    Best wishes”