• Information for referring vets

  • We are happy to discuss cases prior to referral.

    To refer a case please telephone us on 01606 723222. Alternatively you can complete an online referral form by clicking on the adjacent box or print / copy and fax back a referral form.

    If you have an urgent or emergency case please contact us by phone and then submit a form

    We also give free verbal reports on radiographs sent to us.

    When you do refer a case we will need:

    A referral letter indicating the nature of the referral, any diagnostic tests carried out, the relevant part of the computer print out of patient notes.

    Please send us as much detail as you can even if they are reported as normal, including:

    • All laboratory test results

    • Original radiographs and/or MRI scans

    • Ultrasound reports

    • ECG traces

    •Any medication the patient is on

    We may decide to repeat some of the investigations and it is obviously useful to be able to compare previous results if the animal is already on medication (for example antibiotics, NSAIDs or steroids) please tell us as we may want the medication to be stopped prior to the appointment.

    If you have an urgent or emergency referral please contact us by telephone as well as by fax/email.

    We will usually contact the owners directly with the appointment details, but we do require a full history and all the results of any tests you have carried out. Please send any radiographs either with the owner or in the post or by email prior to the appointment.

    We will fax confirmation of the appointment to you and will send a written report, in due course.

    If you require any details about a case you have referred please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Want to refer a case? Complete a form here

    Or download the form to print & Fax here