• Pearl
  • Pearl is a one year old female Pug under the care of Pug Rescue.  She came in to the Willows / Oakwood Veterinary Hospital with a three month history of severe skin disease.  There was generalised erythema, scaling and alopecia.  Excoriations were present on her face, ear pinnae an all four limbs.  She suffered from marked pruritus.

    Previous treatment with a parasiticidal spot-on formulation had failed to improve her condition.

    Skin scrapings, acetate strips and hair plucks demonstrated numerous Demodex canis mites and eggs.  Cytological examination of smears taken from the surface of the skin revealed a secondary bacterial pyoderma.

    Pearl started treatment for the pyoderma with oral amoxycillin-clavulanic acid antibiotic twice daily for four weeks and an anti-bacterial shampoo twice weekly.

    To treat the Demodicosis a single fluralaner tablet  was administered orally.

  • Pearl returned to the Willow/Oakwood Veterinary Hospital four weeks later.  There was a marked reduction in erythema and scaling of the skin.  Excoriations were no longer present.  There was noticable hair re-growth and pruritus was significantly reduced.  Acetate strips and skin scrapes revealed only one dead Demodex canis mite and no eggs were present.  The anti-bacterial shampoo was continued once weekly.

  • The fluralaner tablet given is an oral ectoparasiticide licensed for the treatment of fleas and tick in dogs.  The tablet is administered once every three months.  Although it is not approved for the treatment of Demodicosis in dogs, it appeared to be very effective in Pearl's case and no side-effects were seen.