oakwood july 10Prue Neath BSc(Hons), BVetMed, DipACVS, DipECVS, MRCVS. RCVS, American & European Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Soft Tissue) Prue graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1993, and completed a surgery residency at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. She became a Diplomate of the American and European Surgical Colleges in 2000, has been an examiner for the RCVS and the European Surgery College, and is currently a member of the RCVS Surgery Board. Following five years running the Soft Tissue Surgery Unit at the Animal Health Trust, Prue has worked in private referral practice since 2005. She has a particular interest and expertise in Surgical Oncology, but enjoys all aspects of soft tissue surgery and is always happy to discuss problem cases or potential referrals.

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    We offer state of the art laparoscopic (keyhole) investigation as well as rigid cystoscopy and rhinoscopy. We are also able to perform nitinol intraluminal tracheal stenting for the management of severe tracheal collapse.

    Common Conditions Treated

    Laryngeal Paralysis Renal Surgery
    Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome Intra and Extra Hepatic Portosystemic Shunts
    Collapsing Trachea Biliary Tract Surgery
    Nasal Discharge Hepatic Surgery
    TECA Bulla Osteotomy All Aspects of GI Surgery
    Salivary Mucocoele Urethral Surgery
    Vascular Ring Anomalies Urinary Incontinence
    PDA Ectopic Ureter
    Peritoneopericardinal Diaphragmatic Hernia Prostatic Surgery
    Pericardectomy Perineal Hernia
    Chest Wall Reconstruction Wound Management and Reconstruction
    Lung Lobectomy Major Oncological Surgery
    Ruptured Diaphragm Mandibulectomies / Maxillectomies